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• 5/8/2013

Events Related to Fear High or OC thingies

I have some ideas for school events???

I'll explain further but I'm putting them out for now

What do you think of:




Battle of the Bands


Sport competitions(I might make sports a separate topic)

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• 6/19/2013

I had also thought of a evil vs good event but idk what exactly is the cause of said event.

All I DO know is that its dangerous to the point where some students are transferring, injured, or even worse(cursed, turned as a mortal, sent back to wherever they came from, etc.). Which is why neutrals should definitely NOT get involved(although they can but have a higher chance of getting hurt).(Personally, I see this as a way to change/defeat some of my ocs and others if they want idk how to plan it in action yet)

But the fight is very important to the school's future.

Sounds good?

• 8/8/2013

So, about the event, it takes place in potions class. Apparently, someone breaks a bottle by accident(i havent decided on a name yet. This causes the good and evil students to argue and fight with one another, even going as far as to use their powers againsy each other. Its up to the good/netural students to come up with a cure.

Does this sound good?

• 8/8/2013

Yeah, but we have to make sure not every character is not fighting.

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