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• 3/10/2013

Gym class

I've been thinking about wat sports we could do in gym. So far I have dodgeball, where we use fireballs instead of dodgeballs.

And that's all....so post a message if you have any more ideas

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• 3/19/2013

Uhhh, we could have basketball matches, fearball, badclawton, skullyball(Some are puns I know im)

• 3/19/2013

omg that's a good idea. I have some too???

  • bowling with skulls
  • tennis with organs
  • basketball with brains
  • being chased by cerberus (that three headed dog)
• 3/19/2013

@Sumo Yes ouo

Speaking of gym/sports, should we have teams/scareleaders?

• 3/19/2013

awesome! all good ideas. i really like basketball with brains...but the zomibes might try to eat the ball...

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